One of the most common models of aprons needed by the personnel of meat industry is rubberized protective apron provided with a broad bib. The Free Advertisements Board of Foodbay offers protective aprons and other working clothes for the personnel of food industry.

Types and specifications of protective rubberized aprons

Rubberized apron

Now you can buy rubberized aprons with bibs in specialized stores or order them online with a quality guarantee. The accessory is worn over a working overall or a suit. Its position is fixed by using the ties at the waist and neck.

This item of clothes is designed to protect a working suit from contamination and moisture. Smooth rubber surface prevents occupational injuries.

Such working clothes as a rubberized apron is released with or without a bib. The product length reaches the middle of the knee or below. First of all, a model of thick cotton fabric with twill structures is sewn. Then a thin layer of rubber is applied to the front surface, which provides high waterproof properties, wear-resistance and durability. The features of its cut provide maximum protection for the employee’s body. Alongside with this, the apron does not hamper the movements of hands and neck, enabling the worker to turn the torso in any direction.

Rubberized aprons, light-weight and usable, can protect the body and clothes from the following things:

  • Splashes of water, blood, meat juice;
  • splinters of bones;
  • fine chips;
  • any non-aggressive substances.

The rubberized surface is easy to clean. Any impurities are easily removed with water.

The important advantage of rubberized working clothes is their affordable price. Other materials (PVC, leather) are more expensive.

Where is it better to purchase aprons of rubberized fabric?

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