Chain mail aprons stand out among the protective accessories for the personnel of meat industry in its spectacular appearance and usability. Its appearance resembles a knight’s armor. You can find advertisements on the sale of chain mail aprons and other working clothes on

Properties and features of chain mail aprons

The main purpose of a chain mail apron is to prevent the worker from a knife slipping to the body and injuries that often happen during cutting of carcasses. Unlike rubberized clothes, metal fabric disperses and partially lets the splashes inside.

Chain Mail Apron

Buying a chain mail apron for meat deboning is easy. The market presents a lot of high-quality goods from leading domestic and foreign brands. The material for their manufacturing is usually stainless steel that is capable of efficiently resisting any cutting tool. Miniature rings are made of a steel wire, they are later combined to form a single fabric. Prices for chain mail aprons for meat deboning vary, depending on the specifications and the supplier.

A good chain mail apron is characterized by the following features:

  • The lack of seams and thickenings;
  • The presence of an antibacterial and corrosion-resistant coating to facilitate the care for the metal;
  • The ease of putting it on and taking it off over working suits or overalls;
  • High flexibility;
  • Nontoxicity.

The average price for a chain mail apron for meat deboning slightly exceeds the price for rubberized products. The size is selected individually. The apron’s cut implies free adherence, without hampering the worker’s movements.

The length of chain mail aprons is different and is chosen depending on the worker’s height. The main thing is to reliably hide the parts of the body under the metal mesh.

Where to buy a chain mail apron for meat deboning?

You can easily find many models of chain mail aprons for the personnel of meat industry on High-quality goods at reasonable prices are presented by the leading manufacturers from Russia and foreign countries. You can contact the author of the advertisement by the phone or via the form proposed on the web site. We also offer the visitors to add a free advertisement on the sale of working clothes, accessories and personal protective equipment.