The protective accessories for the workers of meat processing industry include aprons playing an important role. Their main task is to protect the worker’s body from damage and the working clothes - from getting wet. You can buy a butcher’s apron of any style on

Types and features of leather butcher’s aprons

Apron for butcher

Your approach to the purchase of an apron should be responsible. An apron should be as follows:

  • Strong and durable;
  • easy to clean, easy to undergo multiple cleaning (washing) and disinfection;
  • practical and convenient;
  • it must close the parts of working clothes that are most often contaminated when working with meat and semi-finished products.

The classic option is a leather butcher’s apron with a bib. These accessories have been used since ancient times, however, they remain relevant today. An item of leather is quite dense and durable, it closely adheres to a working suit due to its weight, at the same time leaving freedom for movements. Leather resists moisture, therefore, it is considered one of the best materials for working with meat. Any impurities are easily removed from the surface with water and washing agents.

A leather bib cost quite a lot, a way more than rubber and polyvinyl chloride items. However, the costs are fully recovered by the durability, strength and usability of this material.

Where to buy a butcher’s apron at a bargain price?

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