An obligatory element of clothing at food producing and meat processing enterprises is trousers for butchers. They are worn in combination with a short robe or a uniform jacket. Buy trousers for the personnel of meat industry by visiting the Free Advertisements Board on Foodbay.

The main requirements for sewing of trousers for butchers

Trousers for Butchers

The main purpose of the butcher’s trousers is to protect the lower torso and limbs from contact with meat products of primary and secondary processing, as well as from accidental contact with waste and semi-finished goods.

Butcher’s trouseres are sewn taking into account the specific requirements. These include:

  • Free and easy cut (straight legs that are not narrowed downwards, standard length);
  • A reliable belt which can be fixed in different ways (lacing, high tight rubber band or elastic band);
  • The absence of pockets and small decorative details (buttons, etc.).

Moisture-resistant impregnation for trousers is normally not used, because the most part of them is securely hidden under the apron.

Any dense white fabrics can be used: pure cotton or blended fabrics on its basis with a slight addition (up to 30%) of synthetics - elastane, polyester. The material should easily withstand weekly laundry and ironing.

Such working clothes, as a rule, are used by the manufacturers of semi-finished products, people working with deboning, trimming, bones sawing, etc.

Where to buy trousers for butchers?

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