Working clothes for butchers

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Working clothes for meat departments traditionally takes into account not only the features of work, but also strict hygienic requirements that are characteristic of food industry. The Foodbay web site offers a wide variety of suits, trousers, bib overalls, as well as personal protective equipment for the workers of meat industry.

Working clothes for butchers: types and requirements

Working clothes for butchers

Clothing for meat department, as well as for other sections of food industry, includes not only long aprons and robes. The list also includes the following items:

  • Jackets and trousers;
  • overalls and suits;
  • hats (bump hats, caps);
  • gloves and mittens;
  • special protective equipment (ear protectors, etc.).

You cannot pick up such clothes in a standard clothing store, because there are special requirements to the quality of fabrics and the cut of the clothes. All items of a uniform of a a meat department worker, whether it is a jacket or trousers, should correspond to each other in size, have an aesthetic and neat appearance, meet sanitary and hygienic requirements, not to hamper the movements. The selected fabric is strong and durable, not very demanding in care (it withstands many times of machine washing and ironing).

Clothing for meat production is usually ordered individually. Some of ateliers and companies that thoroughly know all the requirements are engaged in mass manufacturing of uniforms for the personnel of the meat-processing sector of food industry.

The fabric being used are mostly thick cotton or linen materials of white color with broken twill, as well as blended fabrics and high-quality synthetics.

Rubber water-repellent impregnation helps to protect your clothes from getting wet, it is applied to some elements of clothes, for example, aprons.

Where to buy working clothes for workers of a meat department?

The Foodbay international trading platform publishes offers on purchasing and selling not only equipment, but also working clothes for the workers of meat industry. In the advertisements section you can find all items of clothing for butchers sewn from highest quality fabrics at affordable prices.