Spare Parts for Sanitary Equipment (Meat Industry)

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Every modern meat processing enterprise uses all possible sanitary and hygienic equipment in its work. This ensures compliance with the sanitary standardsd at the production and facilitates the work of the enterprise’s employees. However, just like any equipment, sanitary devices sometimes wear out or need replacement of components. This is why there is a section for spare parts on Foodbay.

The most demanded spare parts

Spare Parts for Sanitary Equipment

The spare parts section for hygienic equipment contains many different spare parts and components. The most popular consumables include drainages. They may have different dimensions and be made of various materials, including:

  • Stainless steel;
  • plastic;
  • chrome.

The most popular equipment of food industry, namely, at meat processing plants, is considered that of stainless steel. Stainless steel is not exposed to corrosion and is characterized by high hygienic characteristics. Chrome and plastic products are less common, although they are very easy to clean and durable.

Some drainages are equipped with additional filters that prevent small particles from getting into the sewerage system. The lack of a filter can lead to serious damage of the equipment or sewerage system.

The purchase of spare parts on Foodbay

The international trading platform has collected offers from the most famous manufacturers of various spare parts and components that may be needed by a modern meat processing enterprise for normal operation. After studying the catalogue each company or individual can find a suitable spare part for their sanitary and hygienic equipment.