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Partitions and pallets are used quite heavily at a variety of enterprises, which affects their sanitary condition. However, this should not lower hygiene standards, so you should use special equipment for washing pallets. Tunnel-type machines will clean pallets of any impurities quickly and easily.

Features of tunnel machinesTunnel Pallet Washing Machines

Tunnel-type equipment will allow to clean pallets of various impurities, using minimal amounts of electricity and water. The machines are made of stainless steel, have the necessary heat and sound insulation. Such devices will help to solve many problems, because they do the following:

  • provide high-quality washing;
  • have high performance;
  • clean pallets according to all sanitary requirements.

A washing machine is equipped with a specialized regulator controlling the temperature of washing solution. Pallets can be sent inside through a rotating spiral or by a chain conveyor. If the conveyor accidentally stops, the entire installation will automatically turn off.

The equipment is provided with speed switches which allow to choose the most suitable operating mode. A circulation pump delivers washing solution under pressure, which allows the machine to clean organic and other impurities.

Washing in tunnel-type devices causes no losses of water and washing agents, since after spraying all liquid goes into specialized reservoirs. If the pallets need additional sanitization, the equipment is provided with in-line heaters.

Buy a tunnel pallet washing machine

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