Knife Sterilizer

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Modern enterprises working in the sphere of public catering must comply with certain standards set by the state. All the tools, utensils and equipment must be superclean and germ-free, which can only be done using additional equipment, for example, a knife sterilizer. This device facilitates the work of personnel and helps to quickly achieve perfect cleanliness.

Which knife sterilizer is it better to buy?

Knife Sterilizer

With the help of a knife sterilizer you can ensure a secure and very reliable cleaning of different tableware. There are several types of these devices that differ in principles of disinfection. These are:

  • Water installations;
  • installations using the “Tego Si” system;
  • ultraviolet installations.

When you decide to buy a water knife sterilizer, you should ensure its connection to the sewerage system and water supply line in advance. The water inside the device is heated above 90 degrees Celsius. However, such sterilizers cannot disinfect the handles of tools.

Ultraviolet installations are considered to be the most popular. During their work they do not affect the devices or environment and quickly sterilize the tools. The UV-lamp turns off when the door is opened and switches back on upon the door closing.

“Tego Si” installation is similar to a water machine, but it uses a specialized liquid instead of water. You do not need to connect such device to the sewerage system or water supply line.

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