Meat Trolley Washers

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Washers are needed to preserve the returnable containers in clean condition and ensure hygiene at a meat-processing plant. This kind of equipment effectively cleans all impurities, makes the containers perfectly clean and ready for reuse. It is easy to maintain, besides, it reduces the time spent on washing.

Advantages of washersMeat Trolley Washers

The devices for washing meat trolleys differ in their tunnel construction and circulation system of a closed type. For greater convenience of use these devices have two washing areas: the main washing area and spraying area. All machines are made of stainless steel, and thanks to the acoustic and thermal insulation, the installations operate virtually without any sound, at the same time consuming an optimum amount of energy.

The main advantages of the machines include the following:

  • Their high performance provided by the effect of the washing agent on dirty meat trolleys;
  • Saving of washing agent, because it circulates by a closed circle, being constantly cleaned of impurities;
  • Minimum water consumption, because it has a similar principle of circulation;
  • Perfect cleanliness, thanks to the spraying at the end.

Some devices are additionally equipped with modules for pre-drying or soaking. They may be used separately or built in the special transport lines and automate all processes. They easily clean organic or mechanical impurities.

Where to buy meat trolley washers?

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