Cyclical Washing Machines

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Compliance with sanitary and hygienic standards is provided at all stages of production in meat industry. Equipment, tools, inventory, etc. – everything is exposed to thorough cleaning. Special devices are used for this purpose. Cyclical washing machines designed for food industry are used for cleaning of different types of equipment.

Features of installations

The smooth operation of departments of meat processing enterprises is affected by the presence of pure inventory. It is needed to provide personnel with all necessary things during the shift. Manual containers washing is enough for small private enterprises. On a large scale it is not economically justified and may slowdown all work. The application of cyclical washing machines will speed up the process and avoid down time for the enterprise.

Cyclical Washing Machines

The device’s operation consists of several stages:

  • The number of inventory items indicated in the manual is loaded into the reservoir.
  • The reservoir is filled with water, taking into account the preset program.
  • The water is heated by a heating coil up to the preset temperature.
  • Cleaning and disinfection of inventory is performed.
  • Clean containers are sprayed and sent for drying.

Installations differ from each other in the method of loading, dimensions, specifications of the washing reservoirs. Filling of the reservoir with inventory items is carried out with the help of a transporter or manually. The use of such devices accelerates the preparation of inventory for later use. Their maintenance requires a minimum number of personnel.

Where to buy cyclical washing machines

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