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The application of the equipment for X-ray control at meat processing plants increases the quality of products. These installations allow you to detect impurities that are not visible even by metal detectors. You can find similar installations of various configurations and parameters on the Foodbay web site.

Industrial X-ray equipmentX-ray Equipment for meat

During killing and cutting processes various foreign objects can get into the meat. Their presence reduces the quality of products and threatens with additional costs, up to lawsuits. The use of industrial type of X-ray equipment in meat-processing plants will help to avoid the trouble.

The installation is capable of detecting the following impurities:

  • Bones;
  • stones;
  • glass;
  • metal;
  • plastic.

In addition to their basic functions, such devices can keep track of other parameters of products. They can be used to detect damaged products, measure their mass, control the packaging closure integrity, etc.

The modern equipment used for X-ray control is safe for products. The products do not become radioactive after its exposure. It is absolutely safe for humans.

The use of such installations is possible at any stage of production. Controlling rays can penetrate packaging made of cardboard, aluminum and other metals. In the course of control these devices take into account allowable items. For example, clips are included as the essential element of the package.

How to purchase industrial X-ray equipment

Foodbay is a specialized platform where everyone who wishes can post free advertisements on the sale of one’s goods. Visitors can search the necessary device via a filter. Here you can find the X-ray equipment of such companies as Ishida Europe, Bizerba Int., Multivac.