Meat presses

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Tenderized steaks and ham in large restaurants and meat stores are cooked with the use of pressing machines. The use of this equipment can greatly extend the range of products. resource will help you to pick up and buy meat presses with a pneumatic drive.

A press for the preparation of hams and tenderized steaksMeat press

The presses equipped with pneumatic drives are characterized by gentle processing of products. They do not break the fibers, do not cause the emergence of splashes. The pieces of meat retain juiciness and get perfectly roasted. The average capacity of machines reaches 500 pieces per hour. One-time uploading of some models amounts to 500 kg. The pressure of one device equals to 3 tones. The thickness of meat pieces varies in the range from 0.5 to 30 mm. The majority of models are characterized by stepless control of different sizes of tenderized steaks.

By purchasing a press for ham, a catering company gets a lot of benefits. The device helps to increase the production profitability, attract buyers and visitors. The equipment is safe, is switched on automatically and has a closed work area. The machines are used to prepare gourmet foods of any kind of meat:

  • Beef and pork steaks;
  • chicken tenderized steaks;
  • beef-steaks and hamburger steaks;
  • sets for grill;
  • semi-finished rolls.

Some models can be set up for molding of square products. For example, the equipment of the Justpol brand. All presses are equipped with a stainless steel casing and are easy to clean. The machines are equipped with rolling wheels for the ease of moving them around the hall, have the function of setting of the time of the press cycle. If products are intended for sale as finished ones, after processing they are sent for packaging. Tenderized steaks are usually stacked on trays and sealed in overwrap film.

Where to buy a meat press

The web site contains comprehensive information about the equipment for meat and ham processing that exists on the market. You can view the advertisements from domestic and foreign manufacturers of equipment, post your own offer, view a catalog of a specific company. Here you can buy a press for ham directly from manufacturers.