Meat tumblers

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Meat tumbler is a special type of equipment used for vacuum massaging and giving elasticity to the various types of meat in the industrial production of meat gourmet foods. It is profitable to sell or buy new and used vacuum meat massagers in perfect working order on the Foodbay specialized web site.

Meat tumblers on FoodbayMeat tumbler

Meat tumbler is a versatile piece of equipment that simultaneously massages and vacuums meat during salting procedure. This kind of processing can significantly improve the flavor profile of the final product. Massaging time decreases due to the cooling of the drum, which will reduce the overall time of process and total production, as a result.

Main features and advantages of vacuum tumblers:

  • Meat is massaged in air-proof containers by the principle of gravitational shattering;
  • Different shape of blades will increase the accuracy of massaging;
  • There are opportunities of automatic control over operations;
  • The construction design is correctly calculated, which makes it possible to efficiently the workspace.

The models of such equipment are different from each other in the indicators of performance, capacity, volume, so you can choose and buy meat vacuum tumbler with the purpose of equipping production lines of small, medium and large enterprises, depending on the production volumes.

If it there is no possibility to buy a new vacuum tumbler, you can consider buying a used meat tumbler at a cost that is much lower, than the cost of new equipment.

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