Brine Filters

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Automation of processes in food industry improves performance. This increase is directly linked to profit. A filter for brine is one of the devices that increase the capacity of enterprises. It can be used to filter oils, marinades, syrups. The purpose of this process is to remove mechanical impurities.

Specifications of brine filters Brine Filters

Injecting of products in meat industry is performed in the course of manufacturing of hams and gourmet foods. For doing this, they use the specially prepared salt solutions. The quality of finished products depends on their consistency. You should prevent foreign impurities from getting into the solution. So that to clear it from unnecessary inclusions, brine filters are used. They are connected to injectors through a quick connection.

Modern installations for filtration have the following advantages:

  • They can adjust the level of the brine;
  • they are resistant to aggressive environments;
  • they provide almost 100-percent filtration from mechanical impurities;
  • they allow to save the salt solution which can be reused after its cleaning;
  • they are easily dismantled for maintenance.

The devices are made of corrosion-resistant materials. That is why they are safe for food products.

The salt used for solutions at the enterprises often has poor quality. It can contain a number of impurities. They remain in the water after the salt dissolves. The above-described device is created for the removal of these impurities.

The application area of the installations is quite wide. They are used in canning, meat and cheese departments. In addition, the installations are set for filtering of used brines after injecting. They remove the pieces of meat, protein, and other foreign inclusions.

Where to buy a brine filter

It is easy to find equipment for meat-processing industry on the Foodbay web site. The platform presents various filters from leading manufacturers. You can find a used device with a much lower price than that of new installations. If you are not able to not select the right product, you can place a request for its purchase on the website.