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Meat gourmet foods and sausages after cooking undergo stuffing into a coating and strapping. Such devices as applicators are used for these operations. The web site offers pneumatic and manual devices issued by well-known manufacturers (Spomasz, Metalbud Nowicki company, logo).

Features and advantages of the use of meat applicatorsApplicators for meat

Applicators, or fillers, work with cellophane and collagen film, as well as textile mesh. The application of this equipment in the technological process allows you to achieve the following results:

  • to improve the taste qualities of smoked and boiled sausages;
  • to improve the color and condition of the product’s section;
  • to increase the output of finished products;
  • to use raw meat in small pieces and meat trimmings in production;
  • to use soy protein as a substitute.

The capacity of the machines reaches 800 kg/hr, the diameter of the forming tube is 135 mm. Applicators are equipped with the system of air preparation and the device of vacuum pump protection.

Where is it profitable to buy meat applicators

The web site presents the most advantageous offers on the sale of applicators for meat production, showimg the maximum number of models of various modifications. For the convenience of users, there is a search filter with various parameters. A visitor can download a price-list of any company.