Sausages Twisting Machine

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A twisting machine for sausages is often used in equipping the departments for processing of meat products. This device helps to mold sausage products for further processing. There are installations of different capacities and dimensions sold on the Foodbay web site. So users can easily choose the necessary equipment.

Useful properties of twisting machines for sausagesSausages Twisting Machine

Any specialized automated installation is intended to increase the performance and profitability of the company. This is achieved by replacing manual work with machines. These devices are used namely for this purpose. The principle of operation of various models of twisting machines is similar. An installation can be built in a vacuum stuffing machine or connected to it with a hose. First the stuffer fills the coatings with the prepared minced meat. Next they go to the twisting machine. In the course of its operation the machine performs batching of future products and molding of separate sausage products.

A twisting machine for coatings of sausages has the following advantages:

  • high performance;
  • precise dosing of mixture by weight;
  • high-quality filling of the coating, which ensures molding of sausages of the same length;
  • the same length of obtained sausage products;
  • the ability to work with any material.

Such installationsa are used to develop production of bratwursts, sausage links, sausages. Modern equipment is supplied with a digital control system. It ensures fast adjustment of the unit for the desired product. The doser, clipper and other design elements are configured automatically.

Following the high requirements of the food industry, the installations are made of high-quality stainless steel materials. They ensure high hygiene of the performed processes.

Where to buy a twisting machine for sausages

The Foodbay web site lets leading manufacturers from Russia and other countries sell high-quality equipment for food industry. Customers can purchase the goods or post a request for the purchase of the desired installation. Here you can buy sausage twisting machines, mince meat mixers, molding machines and other equipment.