Hanging Machines for Sausage Links

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Hanging machines for sausage links are embedded into the line for the manufacture of sausage products. These devices are placed after a stuffing machine and a twisting machine. After this the product in sent to a smoking chamber. Automatic distribution of products at the smoking frame optimizes the process and improves the performance of the department.

Benefits of hanging machines for sausage links

The process of distributing of sausage products on a smoking frame can be performed manually. This is useful when working with small batches of sausages. But if we are talking about large meat-processing plants, you should think about buying an automatic hanging machine.

The benefits of such installations include:

  • high performance of the device;
  • extremely uniform distribution of products along the length of the frame;
  • the possibility of choice of the number of the sausages hung (separate, trampled, etc.);
  • reduction of the number of personnel for carrying out the process;
  • the possibility of programming the installation at your requests.

Hanging Machines for Sausage Links

Upon the use of such devices the sausages are hung at a specified distance between them. This ensures a uniform degree of smoking across the entire surface of the product. Thanks to the advantages of such installations, the quality of the finished product increases and performance of the sausage department grows. This will provide a quick payback of the acquired equipment.

Where to buy a hanging machine for sausages

The Foodbay web site publishes advertisements on sale and purchase of various equipment for meat-processing industry. These feature hanging machines for sausages and other installations for the manufacture of sausage products, both new and used. For a quick selection of the desired equipment use the convenient search filter.