Automatic Cutlet Machines

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Food enterprises for the manufacture of molded products use automatic cutlet machines. They are used in the mass production of hamburgers, meatballs, cutlets, etc. There are quite simple machines for small companies and more sophisticated installations for large meat-processing plants. Each model has its own distinctive features.

What is an automatic cutlet machineAutomatic Cutlet Machines

The popularity of semi-finished products is caused by the ease of their use. Their cooking takes about 20 minutes. That is why mass production of semi-finished products is quite a profitable business. For its development you can buy an automatic cutlet machine and engage in the manufacture of products.

How the installation works:

  • First, prepared minced meat, minced fish or other stuffing is uploaded in the installation;
  • After it the stuffing enters the doser designed for the formation of pieces of equal weight and defined shape;
  • The resulting semi-finished product is sent for further processing or packaging.
  • Breading machines, mixers are often purchased as one set together with automatic cutlet machines. You can use them to create a line for the production of semi-finished market-ready products.

Machines for food industry with different specifications are being produced today. What to pay attention to before you buy one of them:

  • Maximum capacity of the minced meat bin;
  • power efficiency of the product;
  • the way of controlling the cutlet machine: manual or automatic;
  • machine’s performance, i.e. how much cutlets are generated by the machine per one hour;
  • installation’s dimensions and its weight.

These indicators are taken into consideration before you buy an automatic cutlet machine for mass production of semi-finished products. Small shops will do with a fairly simple model with the performance of up to 1000 pieces per hour. Large enterprises need more powerful installations.

How and where to buy an automatic cutlet machine

It is easy to find manual and automatic cutlet machines on the Foodbay web site. Customers can choose the most suitable equipment, using a convenient filter. This allows you to save time and quickly find the needed product. The equipment is presented by the manufacturers from Russia and other countries.