Molding Equipment

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A molding machine is used for the manufacture of semi-finished products on an industrial scale. It can be used as a standalone device or combined with other equipment. A lot of options of such equipment from leading manufacturers are sold on the Foodbay web site. It is also easy to find a used installation at an affordable price.

Molding equipment - important specifications

Manual work is being replaced with automation in the mass production of semi-finished products in order to optimize the working process. Moreover, there are specialized installations for each process. Thus, molding machines are used for batching of minced meat, dough or other products. Benefits of such devices:Molding Equipment

  • high performance of an installation;
  • precise product dosing into portions;
  • a wide possibility for the choice of semi-finished products;
  • finished products can be given different shapes;
  • rapid reconfiguration of equipment for the necessary product;
  • the ease of operation;
  • few people of personnel are needed for the maintenance of the device.

Positive aspects of the use of this equipment include the perfect hygiene of the process. Automatic molding of semi-finished products minimizes human contact with products. Thanks to this fact, their shelf life is extended. It is a very important indicator for food industry.

Those engaged in the manufacture of molding equipment pay great attention to the materials of which these installations are produced. All mechanisms in contact with products are made of stainless steel. These installations are often used in production of lines together with other devices: minced meat mixers, vacuum packers, etc. They make it possible to completely automate the process of making semi-finished products.

Where to buy equipment for molding departments

In order to purchase the necessary installation for a molding department, please visit the Foodbay web site. In order to enable customers to choose the required equipment, the information on the manufacturer of the goods is provided. You have the option to download the price-list of the company and find out the cost of the necessary device.