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The dividing machine for sausage links is used during the manufacture of sausage products. This installation is able to perform its functions both as embedded equipment in the packaging line and as a separate unit. You can choose and buy a similar device at an affordable price on the Foodbay web site.

Specifications of dividing machines for sausage linksDividing Bachines for Sausage Links

Which process is executed by this device? When sausages are molded after twisting, continuous links of sausages are sent from the conveyor line. The products need to be prepackaged to facilitate their sorting, packaging and transportation. This requires dividing of the links. Doing this manually will take a lot of time and effort. The installations for dividing sausage links will help to speed up the process.

The advantages of this equipment:

  • the ability to work with coatings made of different materials and of different calibers in an equally easy way;
  • high quality of performed processes;
  • proper positioning of the cutting element providing the precision of cutting;
  • the ease of operation and maintenance of the installation;
  • the possibility to divide the link in one or more pieces;
  • the ease of controlling the installation;
  • the minimum number of operating personnel;
  • high performance of the installation.

The desired automated machine is selected based on its specifications and production volumes. Machines can vary in caliber and length of finished products, installation’s capacity, performance, and dimensions. To make the right choice, you must take into account the size of the production premises, the place of the installation’s location, desired production volumes. If the installation will be incorporated into an integrated production line of sausage products, it is important to compare it with the specifications of the rest of the equipment.

Where to buy the dividing machine for sausage links

It is easy to find a dividing machines for sausage links for the manufacture of sausage products among the equipment sold on the Foodbay web site. There are various types of installations from the leading manufacturers. Visitors of the platform are given the opportunity to learn the information about the manufacturer, download the price-list of the company of interest.