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Microcutters are special equipment designed for processing and shredding of meat into fine, finely-divided mixtures needed for cooking of sausages product, pastes, souffles and other food products. Such machines are indispensable in the processing of secondary meat raw materials.

Microcutter: main benefits

Microcutters are considered to be more cost-effiicient machines, as compared with cutters, as they consume less energy for work, are characterized by a continuous production cycle and high performance. The equipment is provided with special additional cutting tools, which will make it possible to grind coarse fractions, such as bones or the backbone.Microcutter

Microcutter has several advantages:

  • It provides a high processing quality;
  • It occupies a little amount of space, so it can be placed in small departments;
  • Low position of the feed hopper provides additional convenience in work;
  • It is equipped with wheels to make the movement easier;
  • It does not require large costs for maintenance, repairs, services;
  • It has a moderate price range, as compared with other types of similar equipment.

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How to buy a microcutter on Foodbay

For users’ convenience they are offered an opportunity to use search filters where they can set specific models and brands of the required equipment, as well as limit the search to specific regions.

The offers on the platform can be published by physical persons, as well as equipment manufacturers or distributing companies.