Industrial meat grinders

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Industrial meat grinder is a specialized equipment designed for use in kitchens of restaurants, pizzerias, department for production of semi-finished products, public catering enterprises and other industries associated with meat industry. It greatly facilitates the work of staff and reduces the time of technological operations.

Professional meat grinder for the production: types and functional capabilitiesIndustrial meat grinders

The main difference between a professional meat grinder for the production is its increased performance: such equipment with electric drives is capable of shredding hundreds of kilograms of meat into minced meat per shift.

Industrial meat grinders can be of a floor or desktop types, can be equipped with the engines of different power and a set of plates for shredding raw materials.

You can pick up a model for your production by selecting it from a wide range of offers on the specialized web platform:

  • Professional meat grinders of different modifications;
  • Automatic meat grinders-mixers from known brands;
  • Hashers;
  • Angular meat grinders-hashers.

Industrial meat grinders are made only from the high-quality materials and undergo obligatory certification. All the models presented at the web platform conform to national and international standards of quality and safety, as well as standards of hygiene.

In addition, you can not only buy professional electric meat grinder at an affordable price, but also publish your sale offer on the platform.

The sale of industrial meat grinders: price

The cost of the presented equipment is determined by the author of the advertisement. A used professional industrial meat grinder will cost you much cheaper than a new model. You may discuss all the pricing issues by contacting the author of the advertisement. In order to use all the functions of the platform, you will need to undergo an easy registration procedure.