Portion slicing machines

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Machine for batch meat dicing is a high-tech equipment for preparation, processing, dicing, shredding and re-processing of meat products. These machines are considered indispensable in different types of manufactures involved in food industry, making it possible to automate processes.

Machines for dicing: types and functional purposeMachines for dicing

A dicing machine is necessary when you want to create precise portions of meat for breaded cutlets, barbecue, rolls, steaks and other products. This equipment will help you to cut raw materials in cubes or blocks of different weight and thickness. Block-cutters for meat are designed for work with boneless meat and meat slabs on bones.

The Foodbay specialized platform presents the following types of equipment for dicing:

  • Fat-cutters;
  • Batch dicing machines;
  • Shredders;
  • Block cutters;
  • Precise portioning systems;
  • Machines for dicing in slabs, slices, strips;
  • Industrial processing lines;
  • Other types of equipment.

The equipment may be different in power and performance. There are devices that are capable of working with large amount of raw materials.

The characteristic feature of these machines is that they allow you to minimize waste amount, make products of specified shapes and parameters, work with frozen meat. The knives being used are made of high-quality tool steel and won’t require replacement during several years in a row.

Block-cutter for meat: how to buy it

Depending on the technical specifications and possibilities, the price for meat block-cutter may vary. If its cost is not specified in the advertisement, the interested user can clarify it by making a request to the author of the advertisement.

In addition, the search of the necessary equipment has been significantly simplified by the application of filters that allow you to select offers by regions, brands, models, and other parameters.