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You can buy a clipper for sausages on the FoodBay specialized web platform. This type of equipment is designed for packaging and clipping of sausage products and various meat products. An automatic clipper and other types of equipment help to automate the production.

Automatic clippersAutomatic Clipper

The main advantage of automatic and semi-automatic clippers is considered their capability to facilitate many production processes related to the packaging of finished products.

Currently three main types of clippers are used:

  • A Semi-automatic clipper with the capability of manual compression of the coating with a pneumatic drive for clipping and trimming;
  • Automatic clippers equipped with electric and pneumatic drives for shaping of linked sausages;
  • A manual clipper for sausages, its price is lower than that of its automatic and semi-automatic analogues. It has a manual drive for compression of coatings, as well as a manual or a pneumatic drive for compression of the package’s clip.

The price on clippers is determined depending on the capabilities and performance of the equipment. You can buy a clipper for sausages operating in semi-automatic mode much cheaper than automatic high-performance models. You can also consider buying a used clipper for sausages which is not inferior to new models in its quality.

Buy a clipper for sausages on FoodBay

The web platform presents the products offered both by physical persons and manufacturers of equipment for meat industry. If the clipper price is not specified in the advertisement, you can contact the author of the advertisement via a special form for clarification of all issues of interest.