Ice-making machines for meat

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The mandatory type of equipment used in the production of meat products requiring the compliance with the temperature regimes at certain stages of processing and cooking are ice-making machines for meat products. You can buy or sell ice-making machines for meat with the help of the FoodBay platformIce-making machines for meat

Features of ice-making machines for meat

Cooling of meat or fish is one of the stages of the production cycle in different types of production units in food industry. For example, in the manufacture of sausage products or semi-finished products. Such steps will require the creation of synthetic ice, which can be obtained with the use special refrigeration equipment – ice-making machines for meat:

  • Flake ice generators;
  • Insulated ice accumulators;
  • Ice generators without a refrigeration unit;
  • Ice-making machines for meat producing ice lumps;
  • Ice-making machines with an integrated or separate refrigerator;
  • Accumulation hoppers;
  • Other types of equipment.

The use of this type of equipment helps to reduce the production prime cost, reduce the time of some technological operations, increase shelf life of finished products and raw materials, enhance the quality of production and overall profitability.

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