Ice Storage Bins

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Ice bins are intended for the storage of products received from an ice generator. Frozen pieces of water are used for the production of minced meat and storage of food. Bins differ in sizes and other technical specifications. The Foodbay web site offers products with different parameters.

Specifications of ice bins Ice Storage Bins

This equipment is used at meat processing plants, in shops and public catering organizations. Most often it is used together with ice generators that are meant only for making products out of frozen water. Such devices are not designed for storage, so they should be supplemented by special storage reservoirs. Ice bins are used namely for this purpose.

Different models may differ in the following specifications:

  • Device’s weight;
  • dimensions;
  • capacity;
  • installation method.

In addition, there are models on wheels for the ease of transportation. The equipment itself has one or more reservoirs. Modern devices can have additional functions: a working table, storage shelves, self-closing lids, etc.

In addition to the storage of products, the ice is used in the process of making minced meat. When the raw materials are shredded in the cutter, they are heated. This can lead to a deterioration of the natural properties of meat. Frozen water helps to reduce the temperature, preserving the product’s characteristics.

Such manufacturers as Ice-Tek, Icematic, Maja offer their products on the Foodbay web site.

Where to buy ice bins

Foodbay is an international platform offering reservoirs of different configurations. Visitors can find an advertisement on the sale of the necessary equipment or put their goods up for sale. The web site contains the information about the manufacturers and their products. To find the needed product, you can use the convenient search filter.