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In order to ensure proper passage control of personnel at meat processing enterprises, it is enough to simply buy a turnstile for a checkpoint office. Although this product is characterized by simple design, it enjoys great popularity, because modern electronic equipment allows to identify employees, being at the same time easy to install or maintain.

Basic types and kinds of turnstiles 


Turnstiles are needed to restrict access to a protected object and identify the enterprise’s employees. Modern turnstiles with cards for a checkpoint office are relatively cheap, although they allow you to organize the passage ofworkers, record their time of arrival and leaving.

These devices can be:

  • Automatic;
  • semi-automatic;
  • manual.

When choosing the equipment, you need to take into account the type of its control system. Such characteristics of turnstiles as the degree of passage closure is also essential, the closure can be:

  1. Complete;
  2. partial;
  3. with the ability to lock a visitor in the aisle.

The partitions of these devices may have drive or optical working mechanism. However, some new or used turnstiles do not actually have partitions. These are specialized motion sensors, most often, infrared ones.

When selecting a turnstile, you should consider its design features. They can be rotary, gate-shaped or tripods. The sale of turnstiles of the last type is the most common, whereas the gate-type is considered primitive and used less frequently.

Buy turnstiles and spare parts for them

The Foodbay international industrial Advertisements Board has collected many different types of entrance systems and turnstiles that can be used for the control of personnel’s access to modern meat processing plants. You are able to choose the desired device by examining the user-friendly structured catalogue on the web site. If there is no suitable equipment here, you can always create an application on its purchase, writing to jivochat and connecting a manager of our company.