Housekeeping and Administrative Equipment

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Specialized housekeeping equipment is used by modern meat processing enterprises for proper maintenance of buildings, premises and equipment. Virtually all processes accompanying the procedure of making meat and any other products are performed with the help of this equipment.

Which housekeeping equipment is necessary?

Housekeeping and Administrative Equipment

Service and maintenance of a meat-processing enterprise, according to all the rules of occupational hygiene, is possible only with the help of special housekeeping equipment. It is also required to maintain the intactness and efficiency of the production equipment used during the operation of the enterprise.

It is impossible to name the exact number of administrative and housekeeping devices, but we can outline the basic elements that are vital for a company’s work:

  • Wardrobes, computer and household cases (including those made of stainless steel);
  • stands for garbage bags;
  • trash bins and ordinary baskets;
  • dryers;
  • turnstiles;
  • cutting, examination, rotational, and other types of tables;
  • racks;
  • boxes;
  • holder blocks;
  • safe boxes;
  • chests.

Every company needs a separate set of housekeeping equipment. It is better to choose products made of stainless steel or other materials which are not susceptible to corrosion, in order to reach the required sanitary and hygienic level.

The purchase of housekeeping equipment

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