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Spare parts and components of refrigeration systems

Select industry: Meat industry, Fish industry, Dairy industry, Poultry keeping and processing 
Condition: New 
Sabroe, Aerzen, Gram, Hanbell, Howden, Stal, York, Herl, Vickers, Parker, AWP, Hermetic ... One of the main activities of COOLTECH is the supply of spare parts for refrigeration compressors and units, as well as the supply of spare parts and components for refrigeration, pumping and heat exchange equipment of leading world manufacturers. Particular attention is paid to the speed of delivery and the implementation of all agreed agreements. Having a flexible system of discounts from manufacturers of spare parts, we are able to provide competitive prices and delivery times and achieve the intended results.
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Производство промышленных газокомпрессорных установок, компрессорных агрегатов, чиллеров, насосно-ци...
ркуляционных станций, холодильных систем любой сложности, холодильных и морозильных комплексов.
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