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  • 20 December 2017, номер: 30308

Bulldozer wheel K-701-BKT

5 400 000 Р.

73 771$

62 144€

Condition: New 
Year of issue: 2017 
A wheeled bulldozer K-701-BKT performs the development and movement of soil on road construction. backfilling of holes, ditches, funnels, construction of embankments, digging pits, laying of column roads. Specialists of Spetsstroymash LLC will be happy to help you select and deliver to any region of Russia the road, agricultural and forestry equipment and attachments you need. For 11 years, the plant has been manufacturing, selling and supplying wheeled tractors and special equipment based on K-700, K-701, K-702, K-703, K-702MA, K-703M in St. Petersburg and throughout Russia: - Forestry equipment: ML-56, ML-30 skidder, K-703M-LT-195 timber loader-stacker, K-702M-PLK forest loader) - Road-building machinery: K-702MVA-UDM-2 universal road machine, Universal wheel bulldozer K-702M-MBA-BKUT, front-end loader K-702M-PK6T, tractor tractor K-703-MA-12-04T, road vehicle (bulldozer, grader) DM-15T, Bulld lakes wheel K-701-BKT, K-703-OS-T milling and rotary snowplow, AS-81T welding unit. - Agricultural machinery: Agricultural tractor K-702M-SHT. - Attachments for the K-700, K-701, K-702, K-703 tractors: bucket, blade, jaw grab, snow removal equipment. To achieve success in your business, Spetsstroymash LLC will help you select additional attachments according to an individual approach to solving each problem.
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