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Vertical four-chain conveyor

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Select industry: Meat industry, Fish industry, Dairy industry, Poultry keeping and processing, Bread-making and confectionary equipment, Packaging equipment, Agricultural industry 
Condition: New 
Other names: Continuous Vertical conveyor (CVC), Vertical continuous conveyor (VCC), Vertical Lift Designed for the vertical movement of the flow of any piece goods (boxes, pallets, trays, bags, etc.). Vertical four-chain conveyors (VChK) are widely used around the world for the transportation of piece goods weighing up to 3000 kg in various industries. The main advantages of the Cheka: • Small size in terms of (significant space savings). • High productivity with automatic loading and unloading of the conveyor. • Reversibility, which allows not only to raise, but also to lower the load with one conveyor.
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Technologies for meat processing, poultry processing, baking, conveyor systems and automation, refri...
geration equipment, shock freezing systems.
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