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1000 liter ALFA LAVAL milk cooler

180 272 Р.

2 473$

2 108€

Select industry: Meat industry, Dairy industry, Ketchups and mayonnaises, Food industry feedstock, Agricultural industry 
Volume: 1000 l
Condition: Used 
Year of issue: 2000 
RFT Alfa Laval model of milk coolers RFT model for small dairy farms. As the images show, the type of tank is "open, round." The cooler cap covers the entire top of the tank. Underneath, the entire evaporator of the milk collection tank is visible. The unit is already connected to the tank, so the installation costs are minimal. RFT tanks have volumes of 150, 200, 330, 430, 520, 650, 730, 800, 1030, 1250, 1400 liters. Alfa Laval RFT 1030 open-type milk cooler (barrel), used 1030 liters. Siřem agitator and gearbox Type - RFT 1030 Maximum capacity - 1082 A 2275 (mm) B 1410 (mm) C 1953 (mm) E 1113 (mm)
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