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Used BDM-5, 6 "Cortes" Disc

850 000 Р.

9 563$

8 704€

Select industry: Agricultural industry 
Condition: Used 
Year of issue: 2018 
Type: Trailed folding 
The main difference of the BDM-V CORTES disc harrow is that the cutting unit strut is mounted on elastomers with the possibility of rotation. In this case, the disc easily travels around the stones. The modernized two-row disc harrow BDM-V CORTES with a bearing assembly outside the disk sphere, on racks with elastomers, is designed for surface tillage to a depth of 15 cm, weed control and crushing of crop residues. Due to the uniform mixing of land with plant residues, the use of a disk harrow on soils subject to wind and water erosion is effective. Plant residues, evenly mixed with the topsoil, protect the soil from blowing and leaching, improve air exchange. At the same time, plant debris, being in the ground, actively turns into humus, increasing soil fertility. The BDM-V CORTES double-row disc harrow is used in various agro-climatic zones of Russia, on all types of soils, including stony soils. Effectively using harrows for pre-sowing cultivation in a system of minimal tillage.
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