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Stirrer N&N Nadratowski MG-450/160

1 Р.



Select industry: Meat industry 
Condition: New 
Additional Information: Установленная мощность, кВт: 4,5; 18,5/30,0 Открытие/закрытие крышки: Пневматически  
Voltage: 400 V
Lattices diameter: 160 mm
Hopper content: 450 l
Dimensions: 1480 x 1660 x 2800 (с открытой крышкой) 
Weight: 1530 kg
MG-450/160 is ideally suited for the preparation, grinding and molding of products such as ground meat, minced meat for sausages, hamburgers, nuggets, etc. Mixing with two stirrers with blades allows you to maintain an excellent structure of the minced meat, while ensuring effective mixing of greasy and non-greasy meat, even 20% faster. The body and shafts of the meat grinder-mixer are made of 100% acid-resistant steel. The MG series mixers can be equipped with an optional N2 or CO2 liquid cooling system.
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N&N Nadratowski - Polish manufacturer of food processing equipment in the field of meat processi...
ng, which since 2001 produces massagers, minced meat mixers, grinders and auxiliary equipment.
Plock, Akacjowa street 3 09-230 BIELSK POLAND
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N&N Nadratowski

N&N Nadratowski Food Processing Equipment established in 2001 is a modern ...

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