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Fir-tree milking parlors

Condition: New 
Main characteristics: ü Type: herringbone and swingover milking parlors ü Number of milking parlors: 16 - 24 ü Productivity: 64 –108 heads / hour ü Number of milking operators: 1 - 2 Key advantages: Since 2009 in the Russian Federation The Federation, the Republic of Belarus and the Republic of Kazakhstan have already installed about 500 of our milking parlors. ü milk transfer rate is 20% higher compared to equipment from other manufacturers. ü increase in milk production by an average of 5%. ü more than 90% of the highest grade milk. ü increase the life of the animal and maintaining its health. ü short payback period and high profitability of milk production. ü the feeding system in the milking parlor allows you to additionally receive 1, 6 kg of milk, while saving 1 kg of feed for each cow per day. ü a by-pass line sorts milk by quality and makes it possible to sell it by grades at a higher price. There is no need for a separate milking parlor - all animals are milked in the main milking parlor. ü The milking machine disinfection system after each cow helps to prevent the spread of infections. The above features allow you to achieve the highest degree of management of the herd, especially genetically not aligned.
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ии значительного времени производим технологическое оборудование для пищевой промышленности, а также осуществляем решение вопросов в сфере проектирования убойных и мясоперерабатывающих цехов, отдельных технологических участков, цехов переработки субпродуктов и отходов, выполняем модернизацию существующих производств. За последние 6 лет наше предприятие активно расширило географию поставок и ассортимент производимой продукции. Кроме этого, ООО "ТМила-М" является представителем ряда европейских
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