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Loader in the display containers MOBA MR 20 Display loader

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The MR 20 robot packs small-sized packages or film-sealed cells on or in display or shipping containers. In a limited number of configurations, it can be installed right behind the egg grader, but in most cases it can be connected at a distance using a conveyor system such as the Contiflow system, away from the egg grader. Depending on the type of egg packaging, the performance of the MR 20 can vary from 25,000 eggs to over 40,000 eggs per hour. The performance of the robot depends on the number of time steps required to form one layer, as well as on the number of gaskets used between the layers. According to calculations by the empirical method, one can count on 7, 5 cycles per minute. This provides a basic productivity of about 36,000 eggs (100 boxes) per hour, based on processing an average of 80 eggs per time cycle.
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