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Single Beam Freestall Mounting Lodging System

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Select industry: Agricultural industry 
Condition: New 
The system is suitable for use with all types of flooring: Sofmat (r) bedding, sand, rugs and recycled manure. Cows like to stretch their heads forward, so the height and width of the stall can be adjusted at any time. Easy installation. There are several installation options: on pipes (floor mounting is optional), on wooden racks (no concreting is required) and on steel racks (suitable for new and reconstructed cowsheds). The span of the section is up to 12 feet, which completely or partially eliminates the need for intermediate racks. The best choice for reconstructed cowsheds, since it does not require concreting. Design flexibility. The system is suitable for all breeds of dairy cows and calves. The adjustable width of the stall and the height of the cervical arch give dairy farmers ample opportunity to choose equipment. Stall seats are supplied for installation in one or two rows, but the system is easily adapted for installation in a barn with three, four and six rows of stall seats. The shock-absorbing cross clamps have an innovative design (patent pending) and provide increased wear resistance. The rubber gasket separates and absorbs the pipes, preventing deformation. Clips provide strong fixation and do not require frequent maintenance of the stall.
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