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Loading robot MOBA MR 40

Condition: New 
Year of issue: 2017 
The pallet cell stacker is a stainless steel system that automatically stacks a number of stacks of 6 cells each on pallets. The MR 40 robot can palletize stacks of cells coming from one or two pharmaceutical packers or from packing lines of an egg sorting machine. Its maximum productivity is 108,000 eggs (300 boxes) per hour, it can work with both plastic and cardboard cells. The robot stacks stacks on wooden pallets with cardboard spacers between the layers, as well as on the Egg Cargo System (ECS).
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Deliveries of equipment for poultry farms and meat processing plants: - Machines for sorting and pac...
king Moba eggs with a productivity of 1. 600 to 190. 000 eggs per hour; - equipment for the collection and packaging of eggs - pharmaceutical packers Moba; - systems for the comprehensive automation of egg stores, including egg collection conveyors, systems for feeding, unloading, repackaging and tracking eggs from the house to the end customer; - machines for washing and drying eggs of the world's leading producer of the company Kuhl (USA) with a productivity of 1,000 to 180,000 eggs per hour; - machines for washing plastic containers (lumpy pads, pallets, containers for incubators) Kuhl with a capacity of up to 18,000 pieces per hour; - devices for applying all kinds of labels on egg packaging; - non-contact marking systems for eggs and small piece packaging; - cage equipment for growing and keeping laying hens and broilers of the best European manufacturers.In addition, our company supplies equipment for processing poultry and livestock meat: - machines for packing broilers in Moba Maxipack bags; - equipment for the production of ham, sausages, delicacies of the most famous Austrian, German and Italian manufacturers; - lines for slaughter of laying hens and broilers with further cutting and processing, as well as technological food additives for injection and salting of poultry, cattle and pork. Our company is the exclusive distributor of MOBA in the CIS countries. .
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