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Coop winter.

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Select industry: Poultry keeping and processing 
Condition: New 
Additional Information: Доставка в любой регион. 
Year of issue: 2017 
Chicken coops are designed for year-round stay from 1 to 50 chickens. 1) Option with a range; - length 250 cm, width 120 cm, height 160 cm price 53,200 rubles. - length 300 cm, width 150 cm, height 180 cm price 72,300 rubles. - length 400 cm, width 200 cm, height 180 cm price 92,300 rubles. 2) Option without walking; - length 120 cm, width 80 cm, height 145 cm price 18920 rubles. - length 120 cm, width 120 cm, height 145 cm price 24 950 rubles. - length 120 cm, width 150 cm, height 145 cm price 29700 rubles Walls, floor, ceiling, doors - sewn on both sides with hydro-steam insulation and insulated (polystyrene or min.vat) thickness 8 cm (up to 10 cm + 3 possible 000 rubles), all joints are processed with mounting foam. Window - double glass (plastic windows + 5,000 rubles each). The bottom floor is sewn up with galvanized wire or 20 x 20 mm mesh (from rodents). External cladding of lining (imitation of timber and block-house is possible). If necessary, we will install wiring and install an infrared lamp - 2500 rubles, an infrared heater of 500 W - 9 000 rubles. Installation on a strip foundation 12,000 rubles on 9 blocks 4,000 rubles, floor for walking - 4,000 rubles. Assembly of 10,000 rubles., Delivery is possible.
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Our company is a domestic manufacturer of ready-made (collapsible) chicken coops, with a capacity of...
1 to 20 chickens, both seasonal (spring - autumn) and year-round. We offer you our projects - time-tested or together with you we will complete any project. Our chicken coops are made of wood with protective impregnation. The roof has a reliable insulating coating-spraying of rubber crumb on bitumen mastic (KATEPAL principle). Data collection of chicken coops: summer no more than 40 minutes, winter 1 day. We manufacture, deliver (any city in Russia and the World) will collect in Moscow and the Moscow region
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