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Set of equipment for pasteurization IPKS-013-1000R-24

714 308 Р.

8 932$

8 313€

Condition: New 
Designed for quick heating, short-term exposure and subsequent cooling of milk, cream, drinking water and similar in viscosity liquid products; equipped with an electronic control unit for automatic maintenance, regulation and control of pasteurization temperature. It has a closed heating circuit, which ensures the operation of pasteurizers without loss of coolant. A characteristic feature of pasteurization equipment kits in a modular design is minimized power consumption. The control unit is equipped with a recorder for documentary registration of the operating parameters of the pasteurization process. The design of the pasteurization module of the IPKS-013-1000 brand provides for the possibility of connecting to a separator and (or) a homogenizer (models IPKS-013-1000SG (shown in this photo), IPKS-013-1000S, IPKS-013-1000G). Pasteurization modules of all modifications allow for CIP circulation washing. Completed and delivered on a single chassis in a fully assembled form.
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