Cattle Killing Lines - Moscow

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The Foodbay platform will help you to pick up cattle killing lines and other complex equipment necessary for technological equipment of primary processing departments, departments of cutting and processing of carcasses of cattle and other animals for your company, enterprise or production unit associated with meat industry

Equipment for cattle killingThe equipment included in the cattle killing line

The equipment included in the composition of the cattle killing line is represented by the following types and technologies:

  • Air pistols and automatic stunning plants;
  • Stunning boxes;
  • Multifunctional stunning boxes;
  • Bleeding systems;
  • Mobile and stationary working platforms.

The benefits of such lines are as follows: an increase in the performance due to the optimization and automation of many production processes, the lack of broken bones and blood stagnation in meat, which improves the quality of the raw materials used in the further manufacture, as a result.

Features of purchase of cattle killing lines on Foodbay

The platform provides the users with all possibilities to choose from a huge number of proposals of various manufacturers and price categories. To make the search more convenient, a filtering system with the establishment of the search parameters is offered. Registered users have much more opportunities and extended functionality of the “Personal Account”.