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Ogalsa ES3000 Brine Drainage Massager

2 089 861 Р.

35 969$

37 005€

The price is negotiable
Condition: New 
Rated power: 0.37 kW
Availability cooling jacket: No 
Heating system: No 
Massager for draining brine Ogalsa ES3000. The drum is designed to collect and remove excess brine obtained during the injection process. Due to this, brine is not dripping from the meat, which reduces the waiting time before freezing and packaging the product, also improving the appearance of the product. Features: - The drum is made of stainless steel - The legs are adjusted in the right position - A drum is installed in the drum to collect the leaked brine, through which the brine is returned back to the main tank - The speed is adjustable, so the brine draining volume can be adjusted. EXW Girona.
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