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Condition: New 
Dimensions: 2100 х 2600 х 1200 
The technological principle of IMAX is based on the classic injection salting using hollow needles, providing high injection accuracy (up to 99%) even when working with the product on bones without clogging the needles and downtime. The patented pneumatic suspension of the needles ensures stable operation without clogging the needles and the use of springs (brine is supplied through the central needle register of the hoses) even when working with the product on the bone. The original system of the correct distribution of brine between the fibers of the product allows to achieve high quality indicators of the finished product, eliminating “bubbles” by blocking the injection of emulsion from each needle resting on the bone or tendon. Thus, the brine distribution system in SCHROEDER injectors blocks the injection from each needle in a timely manner when the needle is outside the product or rests on a bone or tendon. This in the first case reduces the consumption of the primary brine and prevents the formation of brine bubbles near the bone - in the second.
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Schroeder is a modernly equipped factory producing high-tech equipment for the injection and massagi...
ng of meat, poultry, fish; auxiliary equipment: brine systems, ham presses, tenderizers. All machines already at the design stage are calculated in such a way that due to the perfect combination with each other, it is easy to form a complex line. This allows you to ideally optimize the meat processing process, save space and human resources, and also simplifies the maintenance of the entire ambassador complex.
Bilefelьd, HansSchröder Maschinenbau KG Esch 11 33824 Werther Allemagne Schröder Maschinenbau GmbH Feuchten 2 82405 Wessobrunn-Forst
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