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Metalquimia Movistick Plus 3000 meat injector Spain

2 100 000 Р.

26 654$

22 719€

The price is negotiable
Select industry: Meat industry, Fish industry, Poultry keeping and processing 
Year of issue: 2012 
Condition: Used 
Additional Information: Товар в наличие! продажа ДКП 
Operating mode: Automatic mode 
Productivity, max: 3600 kg/h
Number of needles: 236 
For sale Meat Injector Metalquimia Movistick Plus 3000 Duplex with a station for the production of brine 2012 release in working and good condition, production SPAIN. The MOVISTIC PLUS 3000 meat spray injector injects, spraying with constant pressure a brine into any type of boneless meat (pork, beef, poultry, etc.) Performance; 1. Two heads are built, 236 needles, the equipment operates on the injection points on each needle with 14 holes. 2. at 100% injection, 3.6 tons of products per hour, 80% - 4.4 tons per hour, 45% - 6.3 tons per hour, 25% - 9.2 tons per hour Pressure control system. Injection is graduated from 10 to 100% in one pass. Homogeneous distribution of brine without dead zones. Injects a brine with insoluble and dispersion inclusions. Minimum drainage (leakage) of brine. Automatic self-cleaning filter (optional), specially designed to work with any type of brine 24 hours without stopping. After the second injection head, an additional tenderizer head can be mounted, which is hydraulically synchronized with the injection head and can be equipped with various types of sabers. It is additionally equipped with an UP-DOWN system in order to avoid injection of fat and skin. SPRAYPLUS® system (optional).
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Испанская компания Metalquimia была основана в 1971 году. С самого первого дня со...

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