Ham and gourmet foods of meat production - Moscow

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The manufacture of gourmet foods of meat is considered to be a highly profitable and lucrative activity, because the ultimate cost of a finished product grows, on the average, twice. The production technology of hams and other meat gourmet foods involves smoking, grilling, baking or other types of technological operations. The equipment for the manufacture of meat gourmet foods can be chosen on the Foodbay specialized platform.

The equipment for the manufacture of gourmet foodsHam and gourmet foods of meat production

A special section of the Foodbay platform contains hundreds of offers on the sale of the equipment for production of sausage products and meat gourmet foods. Raw materials used include beef, pork, poultry, veal and other meat products.

The web site presents the following types of equipment from different manufacturers:

  • Applicators;
  • Meat rippers. They prepare raw meat for the production of sausages and other gourmet products;
  • Meat tumblers which give the meat plasticity during its processing;
  • Smoke generators;
  • Injectors for pumping meat raw materials with brine;
  • The equipment for preparation of brines. It is used for the preparation of marinades and brines.

Many types of the presented equipment and lines used for the manufacture of ham and meat gourmet foods are equipped with consumables and spare parts.

The production of meat gourmet products: how to buy equipment

Not every company can afford to equip its unit of production of gourmet products from pork or other meat raw materials with expensive branded machines and automated devices. However, with the help of Foodbay such tasks become significantly easier, because the “Foodbay” industrial web platform presents not only new equipment, but also used installations, due to which fact their cost has been considerably reduced. In addition, each user of the web resource can publish his/her advertisements there.