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Separator for boning meat Lima RM 800 S

Select industry: Meat industry 
Condition: New 
Result: meat boning meat. High yield. Good fibrous structure of the product. The ergonomic design of the machines and the increased attention paid to every detail allows us to achieve optimal performance and get the maximum benefit for our customers. Advantages of LIMA type S separators: - Meat quality; - High yield from 40/45% for pork bones to 80/85% for whole poultry carcasses depending on the raw materials and model of the machine; - A pipe to protect the separated meat at the exit; - Continuous operation with low energy consumption at the exit; - Small footprint; - Easy to manage. LIMA offers 15 different S-series models with capacities ranging from 300 to 13,000 kg / h, depending on your type of raw material and the required capacity.
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Sima has been supplying both new and used equipment for more than 20 years in the food industry mark...
et. Possible deliveries from Europe to order any type of equipment for the food industry with specified technical parameters. We work directly with such leading European manufacturers as: - Rex: vacuum syringes and equipment for meat processing; - Fin-Form (Czech Republic): corrugators, flexo machines. - Kerres (Germany): heat chambers, digesters, smoke generators. - Lima (France): separators and meat grinders - Karpowicz (Poland): massagers, injectors, sparrows, varoch
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LIMA is a company with a long history and rich experience in production of highly...

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