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A high level of technological infrastructure of an enterprise engaged in the release of meat products, as well as automation of technological processes, such as the preparation of raw materials for production, including storage, processing, shredding and other operations before products manufacturing, - all these will help to release competitive products of high quality.

Types of equipment for preparation of raw materialsRaw materials preparation

Preparation of raw meat is an important stage of the production chain. The Foodbay specialized platform allows you to select the necessary equipment for the preparation of raw materials for production. The platform presents a wide range of new installations, equipment for preparation of raw poultry, machinery and tools, as well as used equipment in a perfect working order:

  • Fat cutters;
  • Dicing devices;
  • Meat grinders;
  • Block cutters;
  • Industrial and semi-automatic slicers;
  • Cutters;
  • Hashers;
  • Batch cutting machines and other equipment.

The use of different types of such installations allows to automate virtually all operations constituting the preparation of raw materials for production. This will reduce the time needed and send workers to other manufacturing processes.

Do you want your production to be modern and high-tech? Your goal is to reduce the prime cost of production at the stage of raw meat preparation? You should use the opportunities of the Foodbay platform. The equipment offered there has excellent operating characteristics, meets all the requirements of GOST (state standards), sanitary-and-hygienic standards and safety regulations.

Features of the sale and purchase of equipment for preparation of the main raw materials for production

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