Refrigerating Equipment for Meat - Moscow

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Refrigerating equipment for meat is applied both in production and in sales. It is used for preservation of the natural characteristics of food products. You can purchase these installations of different purposes and configurations on Foodbay.

Specifications of refrigerating equipment for meat

The technological cycle of meat products manufacturing includes cooling and freezing of raw materials and semi-finished products. The effect of low temperature is also need for the storage of food products. Each of these processes requires the use of a separate device. Refrigerating equipment of a meat department may include the following installations:Refrigerating Equipment for Meat

  • Cooling tunnels;
  • freezer boxes;
  • freezers;
  • chambers of shock freezing, etc.

After heat treatment products are exposed to low temperatures in tunnels. They are installed into the automated line for production of semi-finished products.

Freezer boxes belong to the refrigerating equipment installed in meat departments. They are capable of cooling products placed in containers. Thus, the transportation of goods is facilitated and their preservation is ensured.

Chambers used in manufacturing have different parameters and purposes. They are used for cooling and freezing of products. There is also refrigerating equipment for short-term and long-term storage of meat. The first version is used in shops and other commercial enterprises. These include showcases, cabinets and chambers of small size. Installations for long-term storage of products are used at production units and warehouses.

Chambers of shock freezing are capable to cool products down to the desired temperature in a quick mode. This equipment is used mainly for industrial purposes.

Where to buy refrigerating equipment for the storage of meat

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