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Installation homogenizing type UG-GURT-850

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Select industry: Ketchups and mayonnaises 
Condition: New 
Additional Information: +7 (495) 510-94-57 
Products manufactured on a vacuum mixer-homogenizer UG-GURT. Dairy - soft cottage cheese, kefir, condensed milk, processed cheese, restoration of milk powder, cream. Fat and oil - combined oils, margarines, mayonnaise, pastes. Fruit and vegetable - jams, jam, ketchups, sauces, jams, mashed potatoes, pastas. Confectionery - creams, fillings, chocolate and nut pastes, chocolate icing, honey. Non-alcoholic - juices, nectars, drinks. Cosmetic - creams, shampoos, balms, gels, ointments, hair dye toothpastes. Pharmaceutical - ointments, emulsions, gels. Chemical - detergents, glues, varnishes, varnish, disinfectants. Device: The product is heated by steam or by means of electric heating elements. The working capacity of the unit has a jacket for heating and cooling the product, as well as a heat-insulating layer and cladding. Basically, the plants are manufactured with a spiral heating and cooling jacket, where the heat carrier is steam with a pressure of up to 0.6 MPa, and the coolant is ice water. The supply and exit of steam and water is carried out by means of valves with air control. The process of maintaining the temperature of the product, heating and cooling are carried out automatically, and if desired manually. Geometric volume, l 1100 Displacement, l 850
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