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Tempering machine T500, Conch machine CRF - 2500, etc.

Select industry: Bread-making and confectionary equipment 
Condition: Used 
We also sell wrapping machines nagema eu3, eu4, eu8, eu5, eu7, el9, el3, el5, el2, el11, ef1, ef2, ef4, la1, la2, ed10 and so on. for all kinds of sweets. Tempering machine T500, Conch machine CRF - 2500, etc. 1. T500 tempering machine. Purpose T500 tempering machine for tempering chocolate masses. Producer Germany, Nagema. Productivity 500 kg / h. 2. Conch machine CRF - 2500 Circulation. Purpose Conch machine CRF - 2500 Circulation. Designed for processing chocolate masses, grated cocoa. Manufacturer Germany, Nagema. 3. Conch machine 403H. Four trough Appointment Conch machine 403H. Four trough for refinement of chocolate masses by means of drying, liquefaction and pasteurization, removal of substances that violate the aroma. 4. Mill 912/2 five-roll Nagema. Purpose Mill 912/2 912/3 (1250) five-roll for grinding chocolate and praline masses. Manufacturer Germany, Nagema. 6. Melange Nagema 253 EE6. Purpose melanger for the preparation of praline masses, fillings, grinding and mixing various masses, Melanger This is a grinding machine, the second is used for grinding large particles of raw materials or semi-finished products, such as sugar ra-sand, wafer edemas, etc. At the same time as grinding on this machine, various components are mixed: bulk, plastic and liquid. Manufacturer: Germany, Nagema. 7. Eight roller mill Heidenau GDR. Eight roller mill for grinding cocoa nibs, fatty seeds and kernels of nuts, etc. Producer Heidenau GDR.
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